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Preschool Programs:


Preschoolers and their teacher

As your emerging learner grows into early childhood, it’s imperative to prepare them for the transition to elementary school. During this time, play time becomes increasingly imaginative, and is a crucial part of your child’s growth. At Kendall Academy, we incorporate a perfect blend of work and play that allows children to develop physically and intellectually while embracing the world around them with curious excitement.

Through play, experimentation, exploration, and testing, your child will enjoy a personalized learning experience catered by a passionate and certified staff. Together, students can interpret who they are and how they think while enjoying various art projects and making music.

Building Your Child’s Success One Customized Lesson at a Time

The main priority at Kendall Academy is to instill a lifelong love of learning in all our students. That’s why our staff provides a variety of daily learning opportunities, from reading sight words to learning science, exploring writing skills, and more. The way your child learns best is identified by our team and our curriculum is customized to each child.

Using an individually tailored STEAM curriculum, we’re able to nurture the developmental needs of every child and foster individual growth and opportunities for exploration. As a result, your child will begin asking questions, connecting the dots, solving problems, thinking creatively, and being innovative.

Dedicated Learning Center with an Integrated Learning Approach 

Our four-year-old students find themselves building on their literacy and math skills, mastering upper and lower-case letters and sounds, learning sight words and phonetics, and building early reading skills. And because children learn by doing, our students learn hands-on.

Language and Literacy

Four-year-old Kendall Academy students can expect to master letter and sound recognition for both upper- and lower-case letters/sounds. Together with one-on-one attention from one of our staff, they’ll begin learning to manipulate consonants and vowels, blending sounds and syllables into words. In the end, your child will be able to use critical thinking skills to make predictions and identify simple story elements, as well as use a wider vocabulary.


Students will explore addition and subtraction, as well as complex sequencing, patterns, and graphs. Additionally, they’ll begin understanding simple fractions.

Social Skills

As your child matures, they’ll become increasingly aware of actions and consequences. At this time, they must be encouraged to express their feelings and behaviors appropriately. Moreover, they are becoming more aware of their environment and understanding history as the past.


Kendall Academy students will explore science through play, including such subjects as the study of plants, insects, animals, and the environment.


Because their fine motor skills are still developing, we’ll begin introducing them to various media types, such as clay and other 3D materials to help refine these and other age-appropriate skills.

Other Programs

Infants: 10 – 14 Months

Toddlers: 14 – 18 Months

Toddlers: 18 – 24 Months