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A group of 4 four-year-olds working on numbers
Infants learning through play

Infants: 10 – 14 Months

At 10 months of age, infants are expected to have developed the ability to hold objects using their finger and thumb, as well as roll over and back without any help.

Toddlers: 14 – 18 Months

During this stage, it is expected that toddlers can stand independently, point at objects, identify themselves in a mirror, and match shapes to their corresponding holes.
Toddler learning to count
Preschoolers and their teacher

Toddlers: 18 – 24 Months

At this stage, toddlers tend to display increased physical activity and skills, including running and eating independently, while struggling with sharing.


As your older toddler grows and nears pre-K, building relationships and providing nourishing care is essential to a happy, healthy future.
Two-year-old preschooler
Three Year Old Preschoolers


At three years of age, toddlers generally exhibit an inclination to clap and dance to the rhythm of music, have acquired the ability to use the toilet independently, and are willing to assist with tidying up.


By the age of four, children typically develop the ability to hop on one foot, catch and throw balls with ease, and enjoy imaginative play.
Preschoolers and their teacher