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Preschool Programs:

Toddlers: 14 – 18 Months

Toddler learning to count

From infancy to one year and beyond–Kendall Academy believes every child deserves to learn and grow in a healthy, safe, and immersive atmosphere. Only then can they begin building a thirst for knowledge that extends well beyond the classroom.

Our 14–18-month program focuses on nurturing your budding toddler, providing all the skills and activities needed to help them meet age-related challenges and observe the world in a new light. Not only do our passionate caregivers help guide your little ones through this new territory–they work hard to ensure they have fun during the process.

Personalized Early Toddler Education in an Inclusive Environment

Our educators play a vital role in building your child’s success during their formative years. 14–18-month students enjoy a variety of daily learning opportunities provided by teachers with staff credentials, including the Child Development Associate Credential or Florida Child Care Professional Credential. 

Since 90% of brain growth occurs before age five, we employ an integrated approach to learning for a broader understanding of real-world concepts and problems. Using hands-on experiments and activities, your child will learn to ask questions, connect the dots, and think creatively.

The Perfect Balance of Learning and Play

At Kendall Academy, we strive to inspire the best in each child. This means allowing them to let their imaginations run free, while they interpret who they are and how they think. See for yourself with convenient access to the PROCARE APP: a two-way communication system that allows you to get a glimpse of their day.

Physical Development

Between 14 and 18 months, your child continues to grow like a weed both mentally and physically. During our time together, we hope that your child is comfortable in meeting relevant milestones, including crawling well, waving goodbye, attempting to stack objects, carrying small objects while walking, gesturing, running, and more.

Social and Emotional Development

We believe that social and emotional development is just as important as physical and intellectual development. That’s why we provide childcare that stimulates your baby’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development. In the end, your little one should be handing objects to others, enjoying an audience/applause, showing affection, playing near other kids, enjoying being read to, and beyond.

Intellectual Development

While preparing them for life as a toddler, our staff works to nourish your baby’s brain so they’re well suited to learn to speak, solve problems, and excel far beyond the confines of preschool. By the end of our individually tailored program, your child is likely to meet several milestones, including speaking 8-10 audible words, playing peek-a-boo, recognizing one’s name, searching for out-of-sight objects and saying “hi” or “bye”.

Other Programs

Infants: 10 – 14 Months

Toddlers: 18 – 24 Months