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Preschool Programs:


Two-year-old preschooler

As your older toddler grows and nears pre-K, building relationships and providing nourishing care is essential to a happy, healthy future. That’s why the entire staff at Kendall Academy works tirelessly using personalized lessons to build confidence in what your child has already learned.

With an approach that’s focused on learning through the perfect balance of work and play, you can trust us to instill structure and routine while encouraging the development of self-help, and fine motor and cognitive skills.

Each member of our staff performs a minimum of 32 hours a year of continuing education, in addition to being certified to perform CPR. Combined with a clean, secure, and bright environment, there’s no better place for your two-year-old to blossom.

Play, Experimentation, Exploration, and Testing

Because 90% of brain growth occurs before age five, we employ a STEAM curriculum personally tailored to each child. The goal is to foster individual growth and opportunities for education. In the end, your child will begin to interpret who they are while developing a love for learning.

Language and Literacy

At this time in your toddler’s life, it’s important to encourage them to ask questions about the stories they hear. Working one-on-one with our caregivers, your child will begin to build their vocabulary and improve their name-recognition skills. 

Social Skills

Inside our small, natural light-filled classrooms, we’ll help your child verbalize their wants and needs while learning self-help skills and the importance of sharing. Our teachers plan activities that encourage both growth and independence.


Using songs and movement daily, we’ll help your two-year-old learn things like numbers, the alphabet, colors, and shapes. Additionally, we discuss types of music and their differences.


While we continue to build on earlier skills, we’ll explore number sets and color sorting, as well as shape and size. In the end, they should be recognizing the eight basic shapes; circle, square, rectangle, triangle, diamond, star, heart, and octagon.


We use art to focus on your child’s fine motor skills. As we gradually introduce them to various types of media, such as play dough, their motor skills will only continue to develop and prepare them for pre-K.

Other Programs

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Toddlers: 14 – 18 Months

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